Daughter of Gaddafi-era Intelligence Director Abdullah Senussi confirms brother died after being stabbed in a Sebha altercation

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 02 Jun 2023, 12:35 PM
alwasat radio

The daughter of Gaddafi-era Intelligence Director Abdullah Senussi  Abdullah Senussi confirmed that her brother Mohamed was killed after being struck with a sharp object during an altercation in the city of Sebha.

Senussi's death was announced on Tuesday evening but there were conflicting reports last about the nature of his death, including a rumor of him suffering gunshot wounds.

Al-Anoud Senussi who is currently in Abu Dhabi told Al-Hadath TV in a telephone interview that her brother was stabbed with a knife in his leg.

The knife hit the vein directly and he died of his wounds after his first aid was delayed.

She indicated that her brother, who is twenty-three years old, was not interested in public affairs.

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