Zliten municipality says implementing an 'urgent solution' to lower groundwater levels

Alwasat Staff Thu 08 Feb 2024, 06:09 PM
alwasat radio

The municipality of Zliten announced on Wednesday that it has begun digging paths and channels to drain groundwater from affected areas as an "urgent solution".

In a brief statement, the municipality said the works were among the solutions proposed by an advisory committee and the Government of National Unity to lower the groundwater table.

A team of British consultants arrived in Zliten last Friday and are working separately on a comprehensive physical survey of the affected areas in search of "radical solutions" to the problem, according to the statement.

On Tuesday, the head of the Housing and Utilities Projects Implementation Authority, Mahmoud Ajaj, revealed that the British consultants reviewed and approved a temporary project to implement a horizontal ground displacement network as an immediate solution. Ajaj added that it would take 20 days to implement the project.

On Monday, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya, Georgette Gagnon, expressed her organization's commitment to work with authorities, and "to provide technical support to assess the situation and work together to determine urgent response strategies".

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