Mayor of Brak Al-Shati resigns, accuses government of negligence

Alwasat Staff Sat 10 Feb 2024, 09:07 PM
alwasat radio

The Mayor of Brak Al-Shati Municipality, Al-Jilani Ali Al-Jilani, announced his resignation to the Municipal Council and the Ministry of Local Government, stating several reasons, most notably government negligence.

In a video clip published on the municipality's page on Friday, Al-Jilani attributed his resignation to the government's failure to deliver services security and the lack of cooperation by the Ministry of Local Government.

He added that the municipality "does not have a Shura Council, no notables, no one who cooperates or says a word of truth or seeks reform."

On December 4, Mayor Al-Jilani alluded to the government's failure regarding public services within the municipality, calling on citizens not to blame the municipal council for deteriorating services, especially bottlenecks in water, sewage, and road networks, pointing out that the executive agencies are the ones concerned with implementing these projects from the budgets allocated to them.

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