We are pleased to receive your participation in an article, photos or video clips on our website, taking into account the following:

• Copy and paste is strictly prohibited from any other site. 
• The material must be signed in the name of its author and e-mail. 
• Take into account the objectivity and not contain any material offensive to religion, sect, sex or race. 
• The translated material must refer to the source. 
• Please choose a suitable and short title for the article. 
• Photos and videos: Attach a description with complete details (event, place, date, person names, etc.) to the photo and video. 
• Articles: Write in proper Arabic language, and please observe the punctuation and simplification of the idea. 
• Do not exceed 500 words. 
• The author should send the image that he finds suitable for the content of the article with its source, and the site has the right to use or reject it. 
• The Site reserves the right to deal with all materials in terms of modification or cancellation for any reason that appears objective.
• The site is not committed to reply to all posts or return them to their owners, nor does it comply with the reasons for not publishing. 
• The site does not respond in person to the questions of the book about publishing a topic or not and about the reasons for not publishing their topics. 
• Published material expresses the opinion of the owner only.

Entries are sent to the following email address:  [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in publishing at the 'Gate of the Center'.

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