About Alwasat

About Alwasat

Al-Wasat portal, an independent Libyan electronic portal committed to its professional performance with the existing media systems. Its objective is to provide an informed information service based on honesty, accuracy and neutrality, respect for personal freedom and until it is the Voice of Libya International.
On the basis of these principles, and the desire to achieve the uniqueness of the portal of a serious serious electronic, working in the light of values ​​and principles of professional clear, the «Gate of the Center» committed not to publish:

  • What is contrary to national interests.
  • Any incitement, defamation or personal, racial or moral prejudice against individuals or groups is a hint or a statement, and criticism is not intended.
  • Self-impressions in the news and non-professional comments in the articles.
  • Journalistic arguments with other newspapers or between writers.
  • Any news or information that is not based on specific sources or sources unknown to the editor.


The Voice of Libya International is bold in its presentation and commitment to the highest standards of editorial and ethical standards.


Based on our commitment to "Libya and its community unity and development above all", and to achieve the general principles of consensus and the embodiment of our national responsibility, we at the "middle gate" employ the truthful interactive media in presenting the facts to promote national development at all levels.


Honesty - Integrity - Participation - Secretariat - Equity - Balance - Development - Quality - Confidence - Creativity - Dialogue


  • Compliance with professional professional standards
  • Wide coverage of all Libyan regions
  • Innovative coverage of local, regional and global developments on an objective basis
  • Developing the environmental awareness of the Libyan society
  • Development of cultural cooperation and promotion of civilized behavior
  • Interaction with society through the exercise of social responsibility in the "middle gate"
  • Keeping abreast of developments in IT and its use in the "Gateway to the Center"