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By using Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal you will be bound by the terms of use, which will be applied immediately upon your use of it or any other pages of Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal.

User Duties 
The Al-Wasat portal must be used in a way that does not infringe the rights of any individual to use or enjoy the content of the site. 
Al-Wasat Portal aims to create an interactive community between readers and published content through the publication of readers' contributions and contributions. Commentaries are subject to review by comment moderators in accordance with the Publishing Policy, and we do not interfere with them in writing except for linguistic review. The user is responsible for comments and contributions that violate the publishing policy. And the use of: 
• Discrimination on the basis of identity, as no comments are accepted that challenge the beliefs of others or incite hatred of individuals or institutions, whether due to sex, religion, belief, race, age or any other identifier, Sectarianism. If this item is violated, the comment will be removed from the list, and if the link is repeated, the member will be banned.
• Failure to call directly or indirectly to spread sedition or sectarian or call for the use of violence or killing against any person, entity or entity, and in case of violation will be deleted member. 
Therefore, when using the comments feature, you undertake the following: 
- You assume all responsibility for your presentation of your data, any third party claims, damages and rights, and any conduct or legal action arising out of your use and presentation of the material in Al Wasat Newspaper Portal. 
- You undertake that you will not expose or spread to Al Wasat Newspaper Portal or any of its pages any information or data that is protected by copyright, trade secrets, proprietary rights or any material protected under the special intellectual property protection laws.
- undertake not to display any material or information deemed illegal, defamatory, obscene or threatening, that incites hatred or racism, is an incentive to commit a crime, has civil or criminal liability, and violates the law, cultural symptoms, internationally accepted standards, Internationally and internationally. 
- undertake not to send unnecessary messages or material unrelated to the subject of discussion. We do not allow the same contribution more than once. Please do not re-submit your contribution in more than one discussion and do not submit posts away from the specific topic of discussion, as well as advertising and advertising. 
- Your username must be non-offensive.
- The «Al-Wasat» portal has the right to say that the participation in the site is prohibited or prohibited, and it is in no way bound to present it in whole or in part in Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal. These conditions are followed by all other pages of Al- »On the social media sites, for example (Facebook, Twitter, Al-Wasat channel on YouTube and Radio Center).

Copyright and intellectual property 
allows you to copy, republish, upload, broadcast, make available to the public or use the content of the Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal, if for personal, non-commercial use, any other use of this content requires the prior written permission of the middle". 
You may not modify, modify, or quote the material in Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal to create a new business, or use it for any purpose other than your personal, non-commercial use.                            
 The material contained in Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal is provided as it is without express or implied warranties or guarantees of its fitness for any particular purpose or suitability for any other material or free of any violations of the rights, safety or health of others.
All rights in this site, including copyrights, copyrights, and contents of the site are owned by Al Wasat Newspaper Portal under a license and are used in accordance with the law and the privacy terms. 
Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal contains links and links with other third-party sites on the network. These linked sites are not under the control of Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal and are not responsible for the contents of any of these connected sites or for any communication line it contains Any of the related sites. Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal does not provide these lines of communication except for the purpose of facilitating access to the sites and providing services and features to the user of Al-Wasat Newspaper portal. The establishment of a communication line or link does not mean that Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal acknowledges its representation of the site connected to its location.

The articles published in the opinion section of Al-Wasat newspaper portal or any other pages affiliated with it do not necessarily represent the orientation of Al-Wasat newspaper portal. 
«Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal» is also not responsible for any comments made on its social pages and is not responsible for re-sharing or re-posting any of the content of social pages by users on these pages. 
Al-Wasat Newspaper is not responsible for any action taken after the participation is posted within the content of any of its social pages, such as suspension after participation or re-participation by other users. Terms and comments are subject to the terms of the social website developers.

We recommend not disclosing any personal information about you or others (such as phone numbers, home address or e-mail address) in any contribution to Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal. If you have a useful address that you want to share with others, please notify the site administrators through the Contact Us page and they will announce it if they see it useful.

Legal proceedings 
that completely prohibit the submission of any material aimed at committing or instigating a crime or any unlawful acts constituting criminal conduct. 
The rights of "Al-Wasat Newspaper" or third party rights should not be violated or infringed, including copyright, trademark, professional secrets, privacy, publicity, and intellectual property rights.

In case of violation of the Terms of Use 
in case of violation of the terms of use, and non-compliance will take the necessary action and notify you why you do not publish your posts. 
The account of the Participant may be subject to follow-up, suspension or permanent participation in the Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal or any other pages of its own on the social media. 
If you send abusive or inappropriate posts, and if Al-Wasat Portal considers such behavior to be serious or poses a serious threat to any person, Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal has the right to use the information available to you to prevent any infringements. This may include informing all competent authorities of the necessary legal procedures in particular, and notify the email service provider of the order. 
Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal reserves the right to take action against any account at any time for any reason.
These conditions are explained in accordance with the legal rules in Libya, which are subject to their application to Libyan courts. 
If you browse this Al-Wasat Newspaper portal from any other country outside Libya, you are responsible for complying with all local laws of that country. 
If any user is not satisfied with any material posted on the Al-Wasat Newspaper Portal or any of the terms and conditions of its use, he may send his comments in particular to the addresses on the "Contact Us" page and will be considered.

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