UNSMIL: Airstrikes in Zawiya illustrate urgent need to unify security and military institutions in Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 26 May 2023, 08:33 PM
alwasat radio

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) commented on the clashes and shelling that have taken place in the city of Zawiya since Thursday, stressing that "these events illustrate the urgent need for Libya to unify and enable accountable security and military institutions to ensure safety and stability for Libyan people across the country."

Libya's interim Government of National Unity launched a military operation with the use of drones on Thursday, targeting strikes at several sites in the city of Zawiya and its vicinity.

According to the government, the target were "hideouts of fuel smuggling, drug trafficking and human trafficking gangs". 

The UNSMIL added on Friday, that it "will continue to monitor the situation closely" and  "is in contact with the concerned national authorities about the airstrikes".

It stressed to all parties involved "that any law enforcement measures should respect relevant national and international laws. Protection of civilians should remain paramount."

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