Al-Mishri accuses Government of National Unity of ignoring events in Zawiya

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 27 Apr 2023, 09:12 PM
alwasat radio

The head of Libya's High Council of State, Khaled Al-Moshri, criticized the interim Government of National Unity headed by Abdulhamid Dabaiba on Thursday, accusing it of "ignoring what is happening in the fourth largest Libyan city, which is only 40 kilometers away from its president's office," in reference to the tense security incidents taking place in the city of Zawiya.

Commenting on the deterioration of the security situation in the city, Al-Mishri wrote on his Facebook page, saying: “In light of the complete collapse of national security and the encroachment of Libyan lands by illegal immigration that has reached the point of forming criminal gangs, we find the government that has been busy employing state funds and its executive institutions for the purpose of it own survival and continuity."

The city of Zawiya witnessed protests on Wednesday night and Thursday following the circulation of video clips that activists said were city youth being tortured by African mercenaries.

Protesters shut down the local oil refinery, the municipal council headquarters, the city's court and blocked roads in response to the videos.

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