Malta intercepts former British soldiers, including a friend of Prince Harry, before private jet flight to Libya

Alwasat Staff Mon 19 Dec 2022, 05:51 PM
alwasat radio

Malta revealed details about the identity of the arrested former British soldiers who were prevented a few days ago from using Maltese airspace to travel to Libya.

The group numbered 14 former soldiers led by Jack Mann, one of Prince Harry's closest friends, according to the Malta Today newspaper.

A senior spokesman for the Maltese police said on Monday that authorities intercepted the group after doubts about whether they were private military contractors or mercenaries.

An investigative report by Malta Today revealed that one of the leaders of the group is Jack Mann, 40, co-founder of a private security company, Alma Risk, which develops and provides security solutions around the world.

The London-based company is reported to offer a number of security services to its clients, while members of its team have backgrounds coming from the British Army, police and other government agencies.

According to the information reported by the newspaper, Mann was leading a group of 14, each of whom arrived separately in Malta, and they were scheduled to meet at Malta International Airport to catch a private plane flight to Libya.

Sources who spoke to Malta Today said the flight had been coordinated by a private individual, who was told the group was traveling to Libya to give lectures and training using airsoft guns. Fake certificates which were to be awarded for the supposed training were also found.

Maltese authorities temporarily confiscated the group’s passports, and the men were read a statement by border police regarding concerns about the nature of their trip, while being advised to leave the country.

The group also claimed they were delivering medical training in Libya.

No charges have been filed against the group and it was reported that they have already left Malta.

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