US renews call for Libya to hand Saif al-Islam Gaddafi over to the International Criminal Court

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 10 Nov 2022, 04:42 AM
alwasat radio

The US Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Richard Mills, stressed on Wednesday that it is more important than ever to support and uphold justice mechanisms, after a briefing by ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan to the Security Council.

He added: "The International Criminal Court’s work in Libya is a critical element in the shared commitment to accountability, peace and security there, particularly in its efforts to prosecute those most responsible for the heinous atrocities committed against the Libyan people since February 2011."

He also cited the report of the Independent Fact-Finding Mission released in June, which stressed the need to urgently address the proliferation and legitimization of armed groups acting as “islands of control” outside of any state authority. 

The report further urged states to employ universal jurisdiction to arrest and prosecute perpetrators found on their territories. 

Regarding the situation in Tarhuna, he noted that the Mission found reasonable grounds to believe members of the al-Kaniyat militia committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Three possible locations of mass graves were also identified. 

Resolving political uncertainty and promoting accountability will go a long way to addressing the chronic instability in Libya, including the mobilization of armed groups, he said, calling on Libyan authorities to do more. 

Mills also stressed that former senior officials of the Gaddafi regime — including Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who is subject to an arrest warrant — must face justice. Those efforts have been pending for 11 years, he noted.

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