Belarus uses Wagner Group's combat experience in Syria and Libya for training of new special forces

Alwasat Staff Thu 13 Jul 2023, 04:42 PM
alwasat radio

The Belarusian Interior Ministry’s senior leadership is in talks with the Wagner Group over its potential role in training of the special forces units now being formed in Belarus, Deputy Interior Minister Nikolay Karpenko said on Wednesday.

"We are currently in talks with representatives of the Wagner Private Military Company, who will work together with us in conducting combat training by sharing their invaluable combat experience," the BelTA news agency quoted Karpenko, who is the commander of Belarus’ interior troops, as saying.

Three special operations units were established this spring with bases in Brest, Gomel and Grodno. "These special teams were trained by instructors of the Special Rapid Deployment Force, instructors who have combat experience and have served in Syria and Libya," the commander said.

According to him, the main aim of such detachments will be to enhance the combat capabilities of troops under special conditions. "This entails the fight against sabotage and reconnaissance groups, and illegal armed groups. In order to develop these skills, we have already been working for several months, protecting our national borders, working in close cooperation with both the border guards and special operations forces," the deputy minister explained.

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