Spanish police arrest five individuals involved in smuggling anti-drone systems to Libya

Alwasat Staff Tue 23 Jan 2024, 06:04 PM
alwasat radio

The Spanish National Police announced the involvement of a local company in illegally exporting anti-drone systems to Libya, arresting five individuals in the cities of Madrid and Valencia.

The individuals are implicated in the illegal export of systems worth over €2 million, intended for Tripoli, Libya.

Among the arrested are four managers at a Madrid-based defense technology company, in addition to a Libyan citizen linked to the Special Deterrence Forces, the investigation revealed.

Spain's National Police said the investigation began in 2020, and unravelled a complex network which smuggled drones equipped with thermal cameras to Libya.

The police added that simultaneous raids in Valencia and Madrid, concluded in the seizure of "substantial digital and technological evidence".

The individuals were handed over to the Central Investigative Court, with a judge ordering imprisonment for two of them.

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