Sources: Kidnapping of GNMTC CEO connected to repayment of $200 million loan

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 05 Feb 2024, 07:54 PM
alwasat radio

A government source revealed to Alwasat that the kidnapping of the General National Maritime Transport Company's (GNMTC) CEO Khaled Al-Tawati, is connected with the company's intention to repay a $200 million loan to the public treasury.

According to the source, the loan dates back to when Muammar Gaddafi's son Hannibal was the company's president.

Last Wednesday, the company's board of directors held a meeting and decided to repay the loan by transferring it to the public treasury under recognized legal and official procedures.

However, an unannounced party kidnapped Al-Tawati after the board meeting on January 31, to prevent any official action from being taken to transfer the amount, according to the same source.

A security source confirmed to Alwasat that the kidnapping was carried out by a security authority that had no right to arrest him, referring to one of the bodies affiliated with the Government of National Unity.

A judicial source also confirmed to Alwasat that the Attorney General's Office does not have information or file regarding Al-Tawati, pointing out that no citizen may be detained without permission from the office.

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