GMNTC CEO Khaled Al-Tawati kidnapped for second time in six months

Alwasat Staff Thu 01 Feb 2024, 09:14 PM
alwasat radio

The General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) announced on Thursday the kidnapping of its CEO Khaled Khalifa Al-Tawati by an armed group after he left the company's headquarters on Wednesday, calling on legal entities to intervene urgently and directly, to release him unconditionally to ensure the company's workflow.

The company said in a statement published on its Facebook page that Al-Tawati "and his companions were subjected to an armed attack in front of his house located in the Ghout Al-Shaal area, where an armed group arrived in two vehicles carrying civilian plates and fired a hail of bullets. They were taken to an unknown destination and without knowing the reasons that led to this dangerous act that threatens societal peace."

GNMTC pointed out that the incident occurred after Al-Tawati left the company's headquarters after the first meeting of the board of directors for 2024 on Wednesday.

It added that his companions were released two hours later from one of the security sites located near the iron bridge in the Al Falah area.

The company described the kidnapping as a "criminal act" and said it was "proof of the poor security conditions in the capital Tripoli and the inability of citizens and institutions to exercise their duties and daily lives in a normal and humane manner."

This comes 5 months after Al-Tawati was kidnapped in a similar incident after leaving work. He was released several days later with sources revealing to Alwasat that he was detained by the Internal Security Agency.

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