Abdullah Senussi petitions for health release, court adjourns case to February 5

Alwasat Staff Tue 30 Jan 2024, 07:26 PM
alwasat radio

Gaddafi-era intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi petitioned the Tripoli Court of Appeals to implement the health release decision previously issued in his favor on Monday, according to lawyer Ahmed Nashad.

Nashad confirmed to Alwasat that Senussi directly denied the charges against him and petitioned the court via closed-circuit television.

Nashad said that "the court heard the defense and then listened to a statement by Senussi, during which he listed to the court the circumstances of his detention and his health condition, while renewing his demand to implement the decision for his release, which was previously approved by a medical committee. The court then decided to adjourn the case to February 5".

This is the first time that Senussi has been able to appear before the court in the last 12 sessions according to his lawyer.

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