Al-Kouni meets with British ambassador Longden, calls for support to help Libya secure its southern borders

Alwasat Staff Thu 18 Jan 2024, 05:53 PM
alwasat radio

Libyan Presidential Council member Moussa al-Kouni stressed "the need to support Libya in securing its southern borders, and giving it the logistical capabilities that qualify border guards to carry out the tasks entrusted to them," during a meeting with British Ambassador Martin Longden.

Al-Kouni stressed "the need for the international community to have a role in helping achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people by ending the transitional phases, and holding fair elections whose results are acceptable to all parties," according to a statement issued by the Presidential Council.

The meeting touched on "the situation in neighboring countries that are witnessing a state of instability," referring to Sudan and Niger, and "the repercussions on the fragile situation in southern Libya, which has become a theater for smuggling, illegal immigration, and organized crime."

In turn, Ambassador Martin Longden confirmed "the continued support of his government for the efforts of the Presidential Council, which aims to achieve stability in Libya".

The British ambassador stressed "the need to cooperate with the international community to resolve the Libyan file in order to preserve the unity of Libya to ensure its stability."

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