Oil Minister Oun: 30% of Libya's area has not yet been explored for oil and gas

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 14 Jan 2024, 08:30 PM
alwasat radio

The Minister of Oil and Gas for Libya's Government of National Unity, Mohamed Oun, said that Libya has good quantities of shale fuels in fields and sites that have not yet been explored, noting that more than 30% of the Libyan state's area has not yet been explored.

Oun added in his speech at the Libya Energy and Economy Summit being held in Tripoli, that Libya has very large quantities of shale oil and gas, explaining, "There is a committee that began to take over the task of exploration and reached results, and we hope that we will do an actual experiment in drilling one of the wells to make sure in the coming days."

He stressed that the need for fossil fuels remains, "despite all that is written and said about the trend towards new or alternative energy. However, OPEC reports that the need for fossil fuels will continue and increase until 2045.

Oun believes that it is necessary to work to address the environmental impacts of fossil fuels in parallel with alternative energies, "this is the best solution," pointing to the need to rely on gas in the transition to renewable energy.

He pointed out that the African continent has huge quantities of gas, and what confirms this is the "work to establish the Nigerian gas pipeline to Europe."

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