Tripoli Court of Appeals postpones trial of Gaddafi intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi to January 22

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 08 Jan 2024, 08:34 PM
alwasat radio

The lawyer for Abdullah Senussi, Libya's intelligence chief under Muammar Gaddafi, announced on Monday that the Tripoli Court of Appeals postponed his client's trial to January 22.

Ahmed Nashar tells Alwasat that is the 10th postponment of the trail, holding the attorney general's office responsible for inaction in the case.

During a press conference last week, Attorney General Siddiq al-Sur confirmed that his office would consider delaying Senussi's trial, saying that he plans to address the matter "in the near future, and to ensure a fair, transparent and speedy trial for Senussi in accordance with the standards of justice."

Al-Sur said that his office had no information about Senussi's health conditions, but noted receiving "grievances" from his family due to the postponement and prolongation of his trial.

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