Libya's House of Representatives votes unanimously to criminalize dealing with Israel

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 14 Nov 2023, 04:56 AM
alwasat radio

Libya's House of Representatives voted unanimously on Monday to criminalizing dealings with the "Zionist entity", according to spokesman Abdullah Bliheg.

Bliheg's statement comes after an official session held at it headquaters in the city of Benghazi, headed by First Deputy Speaker Fawzi Al-Nueiri and Second Deputy Misbah Douma.

He added that vote dealt with adding provisions to Law No. 62 of 1957 and directing all state institutions to provide full support, assistance and facilities to Palestinians in confronting the Israeli "aggression ravaging Gaza".

It is noteworthy that Law No. 62 of 1957, approved by King Idris, stipulated the boycott of Israel, whether with regard to concluding any agreement with official bodies, companies, persons residing there, or have interests, branches in Israel. It also prohibited the entry, exchange or trade in goods, commodities and products manufactured by Israel.

In August, it was revealed that the former Foreign Minister for Libya's Government of National Unity, Najla Mangoush, and the Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen held a meeting in Rome. The publice uproar forced Mangoush's suspension, leading her to flee Libya.

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