Haftar promotes 138 officers, including his son, cousin and brother-in-law

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 24 Oct 2023, 03:46 AM
alwasat radio

The Commnader of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, issued a decision granting 138 officers exceptional promotions in rank, including his son Brigadier General Khaled Haftar.

Khaled Haftar was appointed last July as Chief of Staff of the newly established Security Units.

According to the head of the General Command's Organization and Administration Authority, Major General Khairy Al-Sabri, the decision was issued on October 17, 2023.

Others receiving promotions include the undersecretary of the parliament-appointed government's interior ministry, Faraj Qaim, the commander of the 166th Infantry Battalion and Haftar's brother in law, Colonel Ayoub Bousif Issa and Haftar's cousin Bassem Al-Buaishi.

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