Algerian PM Benabderrahmane receives GNU Interior Minister Trabelsi

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 17 Oct 2023, 12:37 AM
alwasat radio

Algerian Prime Minister Aymen Benabderrahmane reviewed ways to deepen cooperation with Government of National Unity Interior Minister Imad Trabelsi during a meeting at the Government Palace in Algiers on Monday.

A statement by the Algerian government said that the meeting was "an opportunity to address the reality and prospects of bilateral relations and review ways to deepen cooperation between the two countries in various fields."

Algerian Interior Minister Brahim Mourad also revealed that the agreements concluded between Algeria and Libya in the field of cross-border drug control will be activated.

Mourad pointed out that "Algeria and Libya have the right to defend their countries with a joint strategy", reiterating that "the security of Libya is the security of Algeria, and everything that harms Libya harms Algeria, which is confirmed by the President of the Republic."

For his part, Trabelsi reiterated Libya's appreciation for Algeria's stance and donations during the recent flooding that affected the city of Derna, saying the actions were "not strange for Algeria, which has been honorable through history and during the present".

He explained that he had previously met with the Algerian interior minister on several occasions, especially during the meeting of Arab interior ministers, and it was "agreed to hold bilateral meetings to remove the obstacles facing cooperation between the two countries in the field of combating various types of crimes," adding that the two sides agreed to develop a joint security plan.

Mourad and Trabelsi highlighted the will of Algeria and Libya to strengthen co-operation, especially the fight against drug crimes and illegal immigration.

It is noteworthy that Mourad and Trabelsi also visited the command and security control center in Algiers province, where explanations were provided regarding the inclusion of modern technological means and smart systems in ensuring the security of people and property.

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