Takala for Aguila Saleh: Elections laws are null and void after amendments by the House of Representatives

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 06 Oct 2023, 09:13 PM
alwasat radio

The President of the High Council of State, Muhammad Takala, confirmed that the work of the 6+6 commission for the preparation of election laws is null and void because the House of Representatives added amendments.

He stressed that the council only recognizes results reached on June 3, during a commission meeting in Bouznika, Morrocco.

This came in a letter from Takala to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, which was seen by Alwasat.

The Letter:

"We inform you that the adherence of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to the enforcement of the outputs of the 6+6 commission signed unanimously in Bouznika, Kingdom of Morocco, on the third of June 2023, applies on to its issuance without any amendments. This is an enforceable matter and distances us from any legal violations of the thirteenth constitutional amendment, on which we had and still have many reservations.

The House of Representatives did not commit to enforcing the outputs of the work of the aforementioned committee and resorted to making amendments to what it submitted, this behavior has deviated from the legal basis of the entire consensus process and the work of the committee has become null and void and has no effects. This act effectively ends the role of the committee as it was made it accept amendments to the aforementioned Bouznika version, knowing that its mission does not entitle it to carry out such an act.

In conclusion, we affirm our full adherence to the results of the work of the 6+6 commission in its version that concluded on the third of June, and we do not allow any amendments to it under any pretexts. We emphasize the importance of investing these efforts and building on them in solidarity. We call for the need for the commitment of all parties involved in the political process and concerned with settling the crisis to resume this process, by discussing and addressing controversial issues and proposing ways to adopt a legal framework that is implementable, and leads to elections in an inclusive patriotism whose results are accepted by all."