Al-Mismari: 94 armed forces members have died during participation in relief and rescue work

Alwasat Staff Sat 23 Sep 2023, 07:04 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, announced on Saturday the death of 94 members of the "armed forces and security services" during their participation in relief and rescue work in the city of Derna and the areas of Jabal Al-Akhdar that were hit by floods about two weeks ago.

Al-Mismari read out a statement on behalf of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which said: "To the families of the members of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces and all other security services who participated in the operation to help and save the city of Derna and the areas of the Green Mountain, I mourn with great sadness and sorrow the death of 94 martyrs from the armed forces and security services."

On September 10, Al-Mismari confirmed the loss of contact with five soldiers during an operation to rescue families trapped inside the city of Al-Bayda, hours after Storm Daniel struck.

In the latest statistics, the number of deaths caused by Storm Daniel stands at 3,802.

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