Dabaiba: We discovered that maintenance contracts for Derna dams were not been completed despite allocation of money

Alwasat Staff Thu 14 Sep 2023, 07:15 PM
alwasat radio

Government of National Unity Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba said that the Ministry of Planning, when reviewing the papers for the maintenance contracts for the dams in the city of Derna, discovered that the work was not completed despite the allocation of tens of millions of dinars.

Dabaiba added during a cabinet meeting on Thursday that the matter is now being investigated by Attorney General Siddiq Al-Sur and that planning officials have been summoned to clarify details.

The representative of the Ministry of Planning at the meeting explained that the maintenance of the Abu Mansour and Wadi Derna dams has been halted since 2011, pointing to the discovery of structural problems in the two dams at the beginning of the nineties related to "subsidence and cracking".

He added that the ministry studied the file of developing the two dams, then brought in large consulting offices that conducted extensive studies, and actually contracted with them to implement a maintenance project with a total value of 39 million dinars.

He noted that a Turkish company had begun work on the site of the two dams, but was forced to halt as a result of the lack of budgets contracted for the project.

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