Menfi, Saleh and Haftar agree not to participate in any new committees 'except within the internal national framework'

Alwasat Staff Sat 19 Aug 2023, 07:56 PM
alwasat radio

Libyan Presidential Council leader Mohamed Menfi, House of Representatives Speaker Aguila Saleh and Libyan Arab Armed Forces Commander Khalifa Haftar, agreed in a Benghazi meeting on Saturday that they would not to participate in any committees related to the political situation "except within internal national framework".

This came in a joint statement issued by the three after their meeting, which they said took place within the framework of discussion and consultation on the latest developments in the political track.


1: Affirming national ownership of any political action and national dialogue, and not participating in any committees except within the internal national framework.

2: The House of Representatives shall take all measures to ensure the adoption of the electoral laws referred to it by the 6+6 committee after it completes its work.

3: Appreciation of UN envoy Bathily's role in supporting local consensus which is leading to presidential and parliamentary elections, but calling on him not to take any unilateral steps in the political track.

The meeting also stressed the importance of "inviting the head of the Presidential Council to the meeting between the leadership of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State for consultations to complete the national political track and achieve the greatest degree of consensus in order to complete the electoral laws."