Supreme Judicial Council condemns 'brutal' storming of its headquarters, praises House of Representatives response

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 27 Jul 2023, 03:55 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's Supreme Judicial Council condemned on Thursday, the storming of its headquarters in a "brutal" manner, praising at the same time the "strength" of the position of the House of Representatives in response to the attack.

In a statement, the council praised the "great wisdom" with which the House of Representatives dealt with the event, and its preservation of "the interest of the homeland and the unity of its judiciary, and distancing it from quarrels and narrow political agendas."

The statement also condemned what it described as "fierce media attacks" that targeted the legitimacy of the Supreme Judicial Council, stressing the continuation of the performance of its mission and the tasks entrusted to it.

In a separate statement, the council praised the members of the judicial bodies "standing together like a solid structure" in the face of what it described as "storms that undermine the unity and independence of the Libyan judiciary," stressing that it "will not fail them."

The House of Representatives expressed its condemnation of the attack on the headquarters of the Supreme Judicial Council in Tripoli and its "storming by force of arms by an armed group."

In a statement on Wednesday, the House of Representatives affirmed its respect for the unity and independence of the judiciary, condemning "this shameful act at this particular time when the country is moving to achieve consensus on holding elections, ending the division, and getting the country out of its crisis."

It also expressed its "regret for such acts that expose the judicial institution, which is relied upon for building the state, to division and fragmentation," pointing out that the country "is in dire need of the unity of the judicial institution, in light of the state of division suffered by the rest of the state institutions."

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