Dabaiba expresses 'concern' over events in Niger, says security and stability of region threatened

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 27 Jul 2023, 01:53 AM
alwasat radio

Government of National Unity Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba expressed on Wednesday hi grave concern over news from Niger, which could threaten the stability of the neighboring country.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dabaiba stressed "adherence to the principles of the African Union rejecting unconstitutional changes of governments," saying: "We join the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in their call for the return of stability and the restoration of the unity of Niger's democratic institutions."

He also called for "an immediate end to these military moves", which he said "undermine the security and stability of the region and are of concern to all neighboring countries and the international community as a whole."

Earlier in the day, Libyan Presidential Council member Moussa Al-Kouni, denounced the "attempt to destabilize a neighbor and brother country," saying that dragging the country into a conflict would "tear apart the stability of the entire region."

Members of Niger’s presidential guard surrounded the presidential palace Wednesday in what African organizations called an attempted coup against the country's democratically elected leader. The U.S. said the rebelling soldiers had detained President Mohamed Bazoum.

A tweet from the account of Niger's presidency reported that members of the elite guard unit engaged in an “anti-Republican demonstration”.

Streets surrounding the presidential palace in the capital, Niamey, were blocked off, as were some government ministries.

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