Russian Ambassador Aganin warns of proliferation of smuggled weapons from Ukraine conflict to Sub-Saharan Africa through Libya

Alwasat Staff Tue 11 Jul 2023, 01:13 PM
alwasat radio

Russia's Ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aganin, has warned of the danger of smuggled arms from the ongoing war in Ukraine to sub-Saharan  Africa and the use of Libya as a "transit corridor" for those weapons.

"The proliferation of firearms from Ukraine has become a hot topic today," Aganin said in a statement to the Russian news agency TASS on Tuesday, adding: "These weapons are appearing in some countries now and can fall into the hands of extremist and terrorist groups," recalling that Libya during the "period of chaos" and the absence of state control was a transit point for weapons to sub-Saharan African countries.

He added that Libyan security forces and the relevant authorities "have become significantly stronger and show great determination to stop criminal activities across the border."

Oil Cooperation

The Russian ambassador also noted that his country "sees good prospects" for the work of Russian oil companies in Libya, in addition to work in the fields of education, medicine, trade and supplies of grains and vegetable oils.

Aganin noted the announcement by the Russian company Tatneft on May 10 of a new oil discovery in the Ghadames basin. "This hasn't happened in Libya for a long time."

The Russian diplomat added: "The situation has not fully stabilized throughout the country. But we hope that in the near future everything will change for the better."

Aganin held a meeting with Government of National Unity Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba on June 26 after submitting his credentials to Presidential Council leader Mohamed Menfi as Russia's new ambassador to Libya.

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