Jeune Afrique: Saddam Haftar does not hide his desire to run in Libya's next presidential elections

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 07 Jul 2023, 10:15 PM
alwasat radio

The French magazine Jeune Afrique claimed that the youngest son of Libyan Arab Armed Forces Commander, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, is now seen as "a possible successor to his father," pointing out that he "does not hide his desire to run in the next presidential elections."

The French magazine summarized the biography and trajectory of Saddam, the youngest of Khalifar Haftar's six sons, in ten points, starting with his upbringing in Benghazi with his mother in 1991, where it explained that "little is known about his youth, except that he does not have a high school diploma."

The French magazine talked about his appearance in the international media as "his father's successor" to head the General Command's forces, "like the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was preparing his son Saif al-Islam, to continue to rule," pointing out that the large part of Saddam's force comes from the Tariq bin Ziyad brigade, one of the most important and powerful components of the General Command forces.

Jeune Afrique also made accusations against Saddam's involvement in smuggling fuel, gold and scrap, as well as trafficking in drugs and people, to make profits in order to use it as a card to pressure Europe.

The magazine noted his contribution to "bringing his father closer to his rival in the capital, Tripoli, the head of the interim Government of National Unity, Abdulhamid Dabaiba, by reaching several points of consensuses". Adding that Abu Dhabi's good relations with Dabaiba are not separate from the steps Saddam took to bring the two rival powers closer together.

The magazine also reiterated a November 2021 report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz that "Saddam conveyed to the Israeli services a message proposing to normalize relations in exchange for military support."

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