Al-Mishri: House of Representatives and High Council of State will issue roadmap for elections next week from which a new government will emerge

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 02 Jul 2023, 10:50 PM
alwasat radio

Khaled Al-Mishri said on Sunday “The House of Representatives and the High Council of State will issue a roadmap for holding elections next week,” noting that this expected map “will emerge a new government and electoral laws.”

The leader of the High Council of State added, in statements to the Saudi Al-Hadath news channel that “the maximum date for holding elections is mid-March 2024.”

Al-Mishri added that if the head of the interim Government of National Unity, Abdulhamid Dabaiba, refuses to "hand over power to the new government, we will take other measures".

He also pointed out that "a new head of the Electoral Commission must be named" because the current head of the commission has court rulings issued against him.

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