Aguila Saleh: Addition of compulsory second round in presidential vote aims to obstruct elections

Alwasat Staff Mon 12 Jun 2023, 02:37 PM
alwasat radio

The Speaker of Libya's House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, said that he had seen the draft election laws prepared by the 6+6 Joint Committee and found in them a point “intended to disrupt the elections,” adding that that point is a “compulsory second round”.

Saleh continued, "Even if the candidate gets 99% of the votes, the second round will take place," adding that was an "unprecedented" point and no other country in the world performs elections in such a way, according to his speech at the House of Representatives session on Monday.

He pointed out that the fear was about the issue of dual nationality, continuing: “Libyans went through certain circumstances that prompted them to take another nationality, and international laws allow that.”  But added: “I am with you that the president should not hold another nationality, or give it up after winning the elections.”

Saleh said he suggested giving the winner a period of 15 days, in the event that he holds another nationality, to give it up and if thye did not do so, then the second candidate would be named president of the country they obtained sufficient votes or elections would be held between the second and third place holders.

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