Moroccan FM Bourita: The 6+6 Joint Committee reached agreements but they cannot be described as decisive

Alwasat Staff Wed 07 Jun 2023, 06:18 AM
alwasat radio

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said that the 6+6 Joint Committee has reached agreements but they cannot be described as decisive on Tuesday evening.

Bourita added, during a press conference to announce the results of the committee's meetings in Morocco, that the two Libyan parliamentary chambers that make up the committee are qualified to discuss election laws within the framework of exercising their tasks specified in the Skhirat Agreement of 2015 and they are qualified to set the rules that will govern the upcoming elections.

He continued, "The Bouznika meeting is an important station for finding solutions to address some of the problems related to the Libyan reality and elections will be important to get Libya out of the current situation", adding that "the Kingdom of Morocco is convinced that elections are the solution in Libya and this path will only succeed in the hands of Libyans."

He added: “The text of the agreement, whatever it is, if it is not accompanied by political will, remains a text. Without the political will, we fear that the agreement will be added to other agreements that have not been implemented on the ground.”

He concluded, “Morocco will always remain by Libya’s side and embraces all Libyan dialogues because Libya deserves everyone to mobilize and support it. Libya is dear to all of us in the Maghreb and Arab space and what was agreed upon today in Bouznika, we hope, will be a starting point for a successful electoral process."

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