Aguila Saleh and Khaled Al-Mishri to meet in Morocco on Monday for signing of agreement on new electoral laws

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 05 Jun 2023, 03:58 PM
alwasat radio

Libyan Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh and High State Council leader Khaled al-Mishri left for Morocco early Monday to attend the signing of an agreement on electoral laws by the 6+6 Joint Committee made up of members from their two chambers.

The signing is set to take place in the Moroccan resort town of Bouznika where the 6+6 Joint Committee has been meeting since May 22.

Previous disputes between the chambers were over fundamental constitutional issues including the role of a president and parliament, and the eligibility of divisive candidates.

The agreement comes despite a statement released on Saturday and signed by 61 parliament members accusing the committee of "overstepping" its role and interfering with the apportionment of parliamentary seats.