Head of House of Representatives delegation in 6+6 committee says 'elections may take place early next year'

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 23 May 2023, 10:44 PM
alwasat radio

The '6+6' joint committee charged by the House of Representatives and High Council of State to prepare electoral laws held a press conference after meeting in Bouznika, Morocco, on Tuesday.

At the press conference, the head of the House of Representatives delegation, Jalal Al-Shwehdi, said that the elections “may take place early next year,” because this vote must be organized “within 240 days of the issuance of electoral laws”.

During the press conference, Al-Shwehdi denied the existence of any pressure exerted on committee members, while the head of the delegation from the High Council of State, Omar Boulifa confirmed that they had come to Morocco to achieve consensus.

They added that a “positive and optimistic atmosphere prevailed in the meetings” that began on Monday, and that they had achieved “a consensus regarding the election of the President of Libya and the National Assembly".

Al-Shuwehdi and Boulifa also called for the formation of a unified government that paves the way for the presidential and parliamentary elections to be organized simultaneously.

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