Report: Syria's Cham Wings Airline transporting migrants from Damascus to Benghazi for onward passage to Europe

Alwasat Staff Fri 07 Apr 2023, 06:50 PM
alwasat radio

A Maltese newspaper revealed that the Syrian airline, Cham Wings, transported hundreds of Bangladeshi migrants on its flights from Damascus to Benghazi.

The newspaper Malta Today published information from the European Border Agency, Frontex, about the activity of this route, whereby a single migrant pays 1,500 euros plus a 500 euro administrative fee to travel from the Syrian capital to Benghazi.

The paper added that tickets can only be purchased with cash from a specific travel agency and that smugglers take their passports and book flights on their behalf. 

Upon their arrival in Benghazi, they are transferred through other smugglers to boats which will attempt to cross the Mediterranean and reach Italy.

In addition to Frontex information, the paper said it was privy to Italian and Maltese police "debriefing sessions with rescued migrants".

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