Egypt says UN Security Council support for Bathily's initiative undermines Libyan institutions, will create more divisions

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 16 Mar 2023, 05:01 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for Egypt's Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu Zeid, expressed his country's regret over the UN Security Council's support of initiatives "aimed at undermining the role of legitimate Libyan institutions," on Thursday.

The spokesman's comment comes after a UN Security Council draft statement on Libya seen on Wednesday.

Abu Zeid expressed amazement at Security Council's support of an initiative aiming at forming a high-level Libyan panel to set the scene and follow up the electoral process, saying it seems as if the council is trying to legitimize these bodies.

He also denounced the use of ambiguous terms such as "effective security bodies", saying such a move contradicts relevant resolutions and increases divisions among Libyans.

He also warned that such a move would undermine the chances of holding presidential and parliamentary elections within the framework of a national Libyan consensus.

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