Ambassadors of France, Germany and UK call for increased reconciliation efforts after Tobruk WW2 memorial visit

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 14 Nov 2022, 01:59 PM
alwasat radio

The ambassadors of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom called for efforts to be made in order to advance national reconciliation in Libya.

This came during the ambassadors' visit to the World War II memorial in Tobruk on Sunday, according to a joint statement published on Monday.

“Our countries came to Libya in the middle of World War II as enemies, and many died during the battles in and around this city, and in 2022, 80 years later, we returned to Tobruk as friends,” the statement said.

"Today, we share the grief and pain of all Libyans who have lost loved ones to the conflict. However, we hope that efforts will be made to advance reconciliation within Libya.”

The statement continued, “As enemies of the past and friends of today, we know that this process takes time, and for us, Tobruk is a reminder that reconciliation is a process that takes time, but this process can bear fruit for generations.”

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