Russia says Libyan file should be recalled from ICC, accuses it of being "biased and politicized"

Alwasat Staff Thu 10 Nov 2022, 03:09 AM
alwasat radio

Russia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations demanded that the Libyan file be withdrawn from the International Criminal Court, which it accused of being “biased and politicized”.

"For the past 11 years, the Security Council has convened sessions once every 6 months to listen to reports on the course of investigations into the Libyan file. For all this time, there has been no progress at this track, which our delegation states frankly and openly," said Russia's Deputy Permanent UN Representative Gennady Kuzmin on Wednesday, after a briefing by ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan.

He added that the last report was submitted to the council this evening, and "it does not make any breakthroughs. The only progress we can talk about is the progressive growth of ICC’s financial appetites".

Adding: "In the Libyan context, the ICC has accomplished only one task, and this is not administering of justice. It expedited a concoction of false charges against Muammar Gaddafi that justified in the eyes of the global community the illegal bombardment of Libya by NATO forces, which caused huge casualties, devastated the economy, industries, and the very statehood of this once flourishing country."

Kuzmin concluded: "It is high time the Security Council considered seriously if it should correct the mistakes of the past and perhaps recall the Libyan file from the ICC. It has become clear by now, that the Court has nothing to offer to Libya. This mechanism has little to do with the high standards of justice. The ICC has long turned into an instrument that the West uses to exert pressure on the unwanted states."

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