LNA Spox: General Command affirms right to demonstrate at public squares in broad daylight, warns of "infiltrators"

Alwasat Staff Mon 14 Sep 2020, 02:55 PM
alwasat radio

On Sunday, the General Command affirmed that it “stands with the people in order to achieve their just demands through demonstrations to demand their rights, the most important of which is security in all its personal and economic forms,” adding that it is "continuing the protection of the demonstrators, calling on them to demonstrate in public squares in broad daylight where they are well secured."

In a statement read by spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) called on demonstrators to "not give an opportunity to what he described as" saboteurs and opponents of esyablishing state institutions to exploit the demonstrations by sabotage, destruction and theft of private and public property." It called on the demonstrators to "pay attention to the infiltrators of the Takfiri and Muslim Brotherhood elements which turn the direction of demands to the security and government agencies to spread chaos in preparation for the collapse of the security situation."

The General Command saluted the youth of the cities who refused to sabotage and exploit the demonstrations, “such as the youth of who protected the headquarters of the municipality of Benghazi and the headquarters of the prime minister, as well as the youth of the city of Al-Marj who are aware of the extent and dimensions of the plot and presented a model for patriotism with their young colleagues in the rest of other cities such as Al-Bayda, Tobruk, Al-Qubba and Ajdabiya."

The General Command called on the international community to take strict measures against the "criminal and extremist militias, foreign mercenaries who wreaked havoc and injustice in the homeland and squandered the wealth of the country on their criminal acts that destroy the foundations of the state."

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