Eljarh: Storm Daniel death toll rises to 3,868

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 24 Sep 2023, 08:52 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for the Supreme Committee for Emergency and Rapid Response of the parliament-appointed government, Mohamed Eljarh, announced the recovery and burial of 23 new bodies on Sunday in the city of Derna, bringing the total victims so far to 3,868 cases, according to the numbers registered and confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

Eljarh added, during the daily press conference, that a team has been formed to receive the bodies currently recovered, and another team to count the buried, stressing that the process of sorting and checking is still continuing and that the number of victims can rise significantly.

He referred to a meeting held today to further organize the counting and identification of missing persons, which included the Attorney General's Office and the Commission for the Identification of Missing Persons and the Criminal Investigation Division.

Eljarh urged citizens to go to the two sites where samples are being taken from the families of the missing to build an identification database. The first site is in the Shiha Al-Gharbiya area at the headquarters of the security services and the second is in the Bab Tobruk area at the headquarters of health service.

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