Dabaiba discusses the establishment of four sewage treatment plants

Alwasat Staff Tue 12 Dec 2023, 08:57 PM
alwasat radio

The Government of National Unity's Housing and Utilities Projects Authority discussed on Tuesday the implementation of four sewage treatment plants in Sebha, Ajdabiya, Al-Hadbha Al-Khadra and the Kweifiyah area of Benghazi.

This came during a meeting held by Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba with Acting Minister of Planning Mohammed Al-Zaidani, the Director of the Administrative Centers Development Authority Ibrahim Taketa, Director of the Transport Projects Implementation Authority Sami Al-Abash, and in the presence of Transport Minister Mohammed Al-Shahoubi and Cabinet Minister Adel Juma.

The Director of the Housing and Utilities Projects Authority presented the final vision of the National Water and Sanitation Program, which is based on the implementation of sewage plants and water supply projects for cities, in coordination with the Man-Made River Authority and the General Company for Water and Sanitation.

During the meeting, Dabaiba stressed the need to pay attention to sanitation programs and support the Man-Made River Authority in the maintenance of wells.

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