Al Ahli Tripoli demands private plane for football team’s trip to South Africa

Alwasat Staff Sun 30 Oct 2022, 04:07 AM
alwasat radio

The Steering Committee of Tripoli's Al Ahli Club demanded in a letter to the Sports Ministry the provision of a private plane for its football team’s trip to South Africa, which may take up to 24 hours via connecting commercial flights.

According to the itinerary, the team will leave Sunday for Benghazi to face off against the South African team Marumo Gallants on Wednesday, November 2, at Benina Martyrs Stadium.

The team will then return to Tripoli and from there it will embark on a trip to South Africa through a connecting flight from Cairo on EgyptAir.

The Steering Committee said the connections will exhaust the athletes and degrade their performance.

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