Judicial Police gives the Libyan Football Federation until Thursday to vacate its headquarters

Alwasat Staff Tue 26 Dec 2023, 01:30 PM
alwasat radio

The Judicial Police has given the Libyan Football Federation until Thursday to vacate its current headquarters in implementation of a ruling to dissolve its leadership, headed by Abdul Hakim Al-Shalamani.

This comes after the ruling by the Libyan judiciary regarding a complaint filed against the current board of directors. The ruling invalidated elections that took place in 2021 for the leadership of the federation.

Al-Shalmani has so far refused to implement the ruling as it contradicts FIFA provisions that prohibit government and judicial interference.

The Libyan sports community has become preoccupied with the idea of forming a six month steering committee for the federation in anticipation of the board's removal, then a committee to supervise new elections.

It is noteworthy that the complaint was filed Al-Shalmani rivals, Anwar al-Tashani and Ibrahim Shaka. Their complaint contended that they were prevented from entering the 2021 elections, as well as accusations of fraud in the elections themselves.

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