Head of Libyan delegation to Tokyo Olympics suspended

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 15 Jul 2021, 11:08 AM
alwasat radio

Alwasat has confirmed the suspension of one of the leaders of the Libyan Olympic Committee, Ali Saber, issued by the Administrative Control Authority due to complaints filed between several committe leaders..

According to statement obtained by Alwasat, Saber refused to deal with the Administrative Control Authority, which has the mandate to investigate any financial and administrative corruption, or violation of regulations.

The Libyan Olympic Committee had appointed Ali Saber to lead Libya's delegation to the Tokyo Olympics next week, prior to this suspension.

The Libyan Olympic Committee is currently witnessing a deep rift between a number of its members, after the removal of First Deputy Mohsen Al-Sabai and board member Adel Qraish, by judicial decision. The removals prevented the committee from holding its general assembly for the first time.

The complaints against Saber come as part of the ongoing rift due to his alliance with Chairman Jamal Al-Zarrouk, against Al-Sabai and Adel Qraish.

Head of Libyan delegation to Tokyo Olympics suspended
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