Protesters shut down Sharara oil field

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 03 Jan 2024, 06:46 AM
alwasat radio

Protesters announced on Tuesday the closure of the Sharara oil field in response to poor services, and fuel and gas cuts in Libya's southern region, holding the National Oil Corporation and governments fully responsible if their demands are not met.

This came in a statement read in front of the field, with the spokesman for the group attributing the closure to the lack of response from authorities and the expiration of the December 31 deadline protestors gave to meet their demands.

The protesters are demanding the provision of fuel and its derivatives in Fezzan, the activation of the decision to establish a refinery in the south, the maintenance of dilapidated roads in the cities of Fezzan, the appointment of graduates from the region and the restructuring of the Fezzan Reconstruction Fund.

They are also demanding the cancellation of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Health and the National Oil Corporation regarding the Ubari General Hospital and the obligation of the institution to establish a private hospital in Fezzan.

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