Fezzan Collective: Oil fields will remain closed until protestor demands are met

Alwasat Staff Wed 17 Jan 2024, 05:51 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for the Fezzan Collective, Abubakr Abu Sharia, told Alwasat on Wednesday that the oil fields in southwestern Libya "are still closed," noting that the closure that began on January 2nd will continye "until the demands of the protesters are met."

In his statement, he explained that in southern Libya they are demanding "their political, economic, social and service rights," pointing out that they assigned Jumaa Bouaouina as head of the negotiating committee with governments, to achieve their legitimate demands.

Two weeks ago, protesters from Fezzan announced the closure of Sharara oil field after the Government of National Unity and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) failed to respond to their demands to improve poor public services and halt fuel and gas cuts.

The protesters are demanding the provision of fuel and its derivatives in the Fezzan, the activation of the decision to establish a refinery in the south, the maintenance of dilapidated roads in the cities of the region, the hiring of graduates from the region, the restructuring of the Fezzan Reconstruction Fund, the cancellation of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Health and the NOC regarding the Ubari General Hospital, and obliging the NOC to establish a private hospital in Fezzan.

The NOC was forced to declare a state of force majeure on the Sharara field starting January 7, after the closure caused the suspension of crude oil supplies from the field to the port of Zawiya in western Libya.

It said it had begun negotiations with protesters "in an attempt to resume production as soon as possible."

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