UN envoy to Sudan: Haftar supports one of the parties in the conflict but role is not decisive

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 07 May 2023, 12:09 AM
alwasat radio

The UN Special Envoy to Sudan, Volker Perthes, has confirmed that Libyan National Army Commander, Marshal Khalifa Haftar is a "supporter of one of the two parties, but he has no decisive role in this war."

During an interview with the Germay's Deutsche Welle, Perthes also avoided a precise answer to questions about the presence of mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Group in the conflict zone, saying: "I have no tangible evidence of the involvement of Wagner mercenaries in this war. I cannot confirm that, and I cannot say that It's not like that."

Western media has accused Haftar's forces of supporting the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the Sudanese Army in the conflict that ignited on April 15. International reports have indicated that Haftar has provided the RSF with fuel and weapons since the start of the conflict.

Last week, the Africa Intelligence website said that since the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan, fuel convoys and weapons have been seen moving towards the Libyan border with Sudan in the area controlled by Subul al-Salam Brigade and these movements indicate that there is contact between them and the RSF.

However, a statement issued by the Kufra Municipal Council described the reports as “lies,” saying that “these actions aim to increase international interference in Libya, violate its sovereignty and take over its decision making.”

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