Bashagha's Interior Ministry: Legal measures taken against perpetrators of Zawiya clashes

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 26 Sep 2022, 12:42 PM
alwasat radio

The Interior Ministry for Libya's Government of National Stability headed by Fathi Bashagha said that it has "taken legal measures against the perpetrators of the Zawiya clashes," which resulted in the death of five people, with 13 others wounded.

In a statement, the ministry held the Government of National Unity responsible for these "tragic events", saying that the government headed by Abdulhamid Dabaiba "did not put in place mechanisms to include these groups in state institutions, but rather they were supportive, which increased their overreach."

Clashes in Zawiya are taking place between two armed groups, one of which is led by Muhammad Al-Sifaw, the commander of the 'Al-Jisr Investigation Unit' of the Zawiya Security Directorate, and the second is led by the commander of the so-called 'Al-Sila Brigade' Othman Al-Lahab.

An eyewitness said that the clashes did not record any progress for either side.

The Emergency and Ambulance Service said in a statement that it received calls for help from families stuck in the vicinity of the clashes but lacked the ability to help them get out. 

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