Bashagha: The security chaos in Tripoli was caused by criminal groups under the orders of Dabaiba

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 28 Aug 2022, 09:37 PM
alwasat radio

Parliament appointed Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha said on Sunday evening that “the state of security chaos and intimidation of the innocent in the capital, Tripoli, was caused by outlaw criminal groups that are under the orders of Abdulamid Dabaiba”,  describing him as without "legitimacy".

Bashagha stressed his “constant renunciation of violence” and his “absolute adherence to the exercise of political rights by peaceful means,” accusing Dabaiba of exploiting “state resources and capabilities” to form and support armed groups to entrench his rule and establish “a dictatorial, tyrannical state that targets anyone who opposes it”.

He continued, "we always stress that our goal is not to reach power, but to establish a civil, democratic state governed by law and not dominated by corruption, dictatorship, repression, and terrorism, which is currently practiced by the gang controlling the capital, Tripoli."

Bashagha added that his government “is the result of a democratic constitutional political process” and that it is “completely subject to the rules of democracy, and places itself at the mercy of the will of the Libyan people and its legislative and constitutional institutions... Unlike those who monopolize the state, its capabilities and wealth for personal and family interests".

He then blamed "Abdulhamid Dabaiba and his special advisors from members of his ruling family and the armed gangs with him" for the "blood that was shed and the money that was looted" as well as "for what will happen as a result of their obsession with money and power and their clinging to it".

Bashagha’s statement comes after the Military Prosecutor for the Government of National Unity issued arrest and travel ban orders on him, Major General Osama Al-Juwaili, Minister of Health Othman Abdul-Jalil, and the head of the Democratic Party, Muhammad Sowane.

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