Marshal Haftar calls on members of his forces to participate in the elections

Alwasat Staff Tue 21 Sep 2021, 08:55 AM
alwasat radio

The head of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces General Command, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, called on members of the military to participate in elections scheduled for December, confirming eligibility to participate in the electoral process, in his speech to the members of the 166th Brigade on Monday.

Addressing the officers and soldiers, Haftar said, "we are going through a peaceful phase. We have never turned down peace. To elections we say welcome it is an honor. You give your vote for whoever you want, who you see as competent, on the basis that they represents you. You have to be honest because you are a soldier who only says the truth and is not afraid of anyone."

"For the first time soldiers and officers of the armed forces are participating in the election process because it is right. When they talk of men there are none more courageous than the soldiers and officers before us, they deserve all the appreciation."

Haftar called on the officers and soldiers to “always be reassured because victory is always their ally."

He also called on them to continue training and maintain discipline, warning that they are ready for any test, at any time and stressing that they perform their duties “for the sake of an entire people, and if the people call, we are ready at all times.”

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